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    Shockwave Therapy uses acoustic waves directed at inflamed and painful tissues to reverse inflamation and start the healing process.

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    Experienced. Exceptional Care. Results.

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    Easily accessed by car with convenient parking closeby, and within walking distance if you work in Downtown Calgary

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    Exceptional Care Begins at Calgary Core Physiotherapy

    Check out the many reviews and comments on our clinic, testifying to the quality of care and the results clients see in their injury recovery.

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  • Class IV Laser Therapy

    Frustrated with your pain and injury?

    Our treatments and therapies are safe, effective, and supported by the latest research. We are respected leaders in the rehabilitation community in providing treatments that work.

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    Looking for competent, efficient care?

    With our one-on-one personalized approach, our team will walk alongside you every step of the way in your injury recovery. Let us help you get to the “core” issues of your problem and guide you in the right direction to a life without pain and injury.

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  • Only getting short-term relief or no relief at all from other treatments or therapies?

    We welcome the opportunity to make a difference in your pain and injury recovery. At Calgary Core Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves in our ability to determine the core issues of your pain and injury. If you are a new patient, let us show you why so many of our patients recommend us to their friends, family, and colleagues.

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Downtown Calgary Physiotherapy

Located in the heart of downtown Calgary on Eighth Avenue, Calgary Core Physiotherapy is a downtown Calgary Physiotherapy leader in pain relief and injury recovery. Athletes from Cirque du Soleil, the Canadian Rugby Team, and other professional and Olympic teams are just some of the patients our team is accustomed to treating. We are proud contributors to the sports medicine section of Impact Magazine.  We are also invited guests for CBC’s Alberta at Noon Radio Talkshow, in which we offer our expert opinions and answers to questions from people with injuries across Alberta.  But most of all, we love taking care of everyday Calgarians.

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Are you still in pain despite receiving other treatment or therapy? Are you unsure of your diagnosis and why you are in pain?

With their many years of clinical experience, our highly educated physiotherapists pride themselves on their ability to “zero in” on a diagnosis of an injury and provide the most advanced treatment techniques and skills.

We strongly believe that you need to know what you’re fixing in order to fix it!

Whether you just injured yourself or have been suffering from an injury for months or years, we welcome the opportunity to show you why so many Calgarians have trusted, and continue to trust us with caring for their injuries.

Experienced. Exceptional Care. Results.

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