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Article provided by: National Spine Care

Beltline Calgary Chiropractor

Beltline Calgary Chiropractor
National Spine Care near the Beltline in Calgary has a professional Chiropractor on staff who treats patients with chronic pain. If you’re trying to deal with pain and have been told that it’s just part of life- don’t believe it. You may need a Chiropractor to see and treat your problem.
Are you wondering what the professional services of a Chiropractor can do for your pain? The Beltline area Calgary Chiropractor at National Spine Care can treat and help prevent conditions and disorders related to the back, neck, pelvis, extremity joints and the effect they have on the nervous system. You don’t even need a referral to see a Chiropractor from National Spine Care. Simply call their office at 403-270-7252 and ask to set up a new patient appointment.
Chiropractic care treats a wide range of illnesses, injuries and disorders, and is concerned with the effect that they have on the nervous system. At National Spine Care in the Beltline Calgary area, their Chiropractor specializes in the treatment of the back and spine, but also has extensive training in treating all regions of the body, including the shoulders, knees, elbows, wrists, hands, feet and hips for injury management, pain management and performance enhancement.
There are many issues that bring patients in to the Beltline Calgary office to see a Chiropractor. These can include:
- Neuro-musculoskeletal complaints, such as headaches, joint pain, neck pain, lower back pain or sciatica.
- Osteoarthritis
- Spinal disc conditions
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Tendonitis
- Sprains or strains
- Non-neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, such as allergies, asthma, digestive disorders or otitis media
Patients are often concerned as to whether Chiropractors have sufficient education to treat the human body. At your Beltline Calgary office, a Chiropractor must undergo rigorous training similar to that of other health care professionals. In Canada, students are required to complete a minimum of three years of university education prior to being eligible for admission to a Chiropractic accredited program. The current four-year Chiropractic program focuses primarily on human anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, radiology, pathology and clinical courses aimed at the diagnosis and management of disorders arising from the neuro-musculoskeletal system.
Another questions that National Spine Care is often asked about is how Chiropractic treatment will be performed. Adjustment techniques vary from practitioner to practitioner. Some methods employ quick rapid thrusts while others are slower with constant pressure. All techniques are equally effective and may be employed depending on the circumstance. Years of training and clinical experience allow the Doctor of Chiropractic to determine the best method for you. In the Beltline Calgary office, your Chiropractor will provide personal care that is precise for your individual treatment plan.
If you’re trying to live with chronic pain and have been told there’s nothing that can be done for you, National Spine Care encourages you to make an appointment in their Beltline Calgary office to see a Chiropractor who may be able to help you manage your pain or even live a pain-free life. Call National Spine Care at 403-270-7252 to set up a new patient appointment, and start feeling better.
Beltline Calgary Chiropractor
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National Spine Care
(403) 270-7252
1815 10 Avenue SW Calgary
Alberta T3C 0K2

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Beltline Calgary Chiropractor Beltline Calgary Chiropractor Beltline Calgary Chiropractor