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Article provided by: Pacific Environmental Technologies, Inc.

Softwall Clean Room

Softwall Clean Room

Clean rooms are necessary in a number of manufacturing and production industries. While traditional clean rooms are extremely expensive to build, a softwall clean room offers a better solution in some instances. There are many reasons why a softwall clean room is a good option for your particular needs. Pacific Environmental Technologies, Inc. offers a line of choices in a variety of sizes and features.

Benefits of a Softwall Clean Room

There are a number of benefits to choosing a softwall clean room. One of the most important aspects of the softwall clean room is that it saves space over a traditional style. With many sizes to choose from they are extremely flexible. They allow you to utilize space more wisely. Our softwall styles are portable and are available with heavy-duty locking casters so you can move them exactly where you need them.

Soft walls allow you to add on or reconfigure the space as needed. Because they are freestanding you can place multiple rooms in one large production facility. They have quick release draw latches and catch points that let you easily disconnect and reconnect them with ease. They are self-contained units so they can be placed almost anywhere you need them.

Softwall Clean Isolator System

The softwall clean isolator system is available to maintain cleanliness levels that range from class 10 to class 100,000 (ISO 4 to ISO 8). The system can also be configured as a containment room with negative pressure. The system is made of curtains that are non out-gassing so they are self-contained. The material used is ESD safe.

The system can be framed with materials that meet California seismic zone 4 requirements. The systems are easy to install and have sealed light fixtures, low noise HEPA fan filters and vinyl rock ceiling tiles. You can choose soft vinyl curtains that are 40 ml thick or you may alternate clear and frosted 60 ml strips. Standard sizes have an 8 foot ceiling height. The powder-coated aluminum legs have adjustable leveling glides and there is a light switch that is flush mounted.

Benefits of a Soft Wall Clean Room

There are plenty of benefits to the soft wall clean room over traditional permanent installations. They are virtually self-contained so they include everything you need to get them up and running. The rooms are easy to put together and can be placed almost anywhere. You can order the exact sizes and specifications to meet your needs and they can be disconnected and reconnected together into various configurations.

Clean rooms are a necessity for many industries but can be expensive. Soft wall clean rooms are ideal for many situations and are an affordable solution for many types of businesses. The units can be quickly and easily constructed and provide a fast way to get production started. When you are in need of a clean room, consider Pacific Environmental Technologies, Inc. We offer a large selection of turn-key environmentally controlled clean room choices to meet any requirements. Visit our website online at PETICleanAir.com to learn more about our clean room options.



Softwall Clean Room
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Softwall Clean Room Softwall Clean Room Softwall Clean Room