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Whiplash Calgary

Whiplash Calgary

As shown by the latest data in the field, approximately 92% of the people have already experienced joint, muscle, ligament or bone pain in one case or another. For the remaining 8%, it is only a matter of time until they will join the others. At Calgary Core Physiotherapy, chronic pain is treated using a wide range of methods, most of which are a mix of conventional medicine and innovative techniques.

Whiplash in Calgary is a pretty clear concept. It refers to the type of pain caused by a neck injury. In many cases, the kind of damage that gets classified as whiplash will occur as a result of the head being rushed forward or backward with great force. It is the same effect produced when violently hitting the brakes while driving at high speeds and the passenger’s and the driver’s heads will cause a whiplash effect, swinging forward and injuring the cervical muscles or discs.

Other common causes include:

  • Accidents during contact sports like boxing, jiu-jitsu, American football and so on
  • Falling and causing the head to bounce back or in the front
  • Blows being administered with a blunt object
  • Equitation accidents and many more

What’s more interesting is that high speeds collisions are not necessarily required for the injury to occur. Enough whiplash effect will suffice even at slower speeds of four or five miles per hour.

What are the symptoms of whiplash?

The number and the intensity of the symptoms will vary depending on the severity of the accident you’ve been through, as well as how the affection has progressed through time. But the more common manifestations for whiplash in Calgary include:

  • Neck pain, often combined with the stiffness of the cervical muscles
  • Recurrent headaches, usually located at the lower back of your head
  • Pain when turning the head side-to-side or up and down
  • The pain spreading to other areas as well, including the jaw the upper and the lower back muscles and the shoulders
  • Regular fatigue, along with difficulty keeping your head straight
  • Problems sleeping, combined with increased irritability as a direct repercussion
  • A numbing feeling in the arms and sometimes the legs

And if you think that these symptoms are worse enough, consider the fact that, according to a 2005 study, more than 71% of patients showing whiplash effects have had the signs for the past seven years. Even more, many people would only find some relief after five years of continuous treatments.

Treating whiplash with physiotherapy

There are multiple methods of dealing with the condition. In many cases, we are talking about a conglomerate of practices, including medication, chiropractic methods, surgical interventions, and physiotherapy. We focus on the latter because it has been proven to deliver some of the best results over the shortest periods of time.

Our programs of treating whiplash in Calgary focus on the specifics of each case in particular and develop personalized treating sessions, aiming at providing relief and tackle the underlying causes as well. At Calgary Core Physiotherapy, we are a team of professionals leading the race in the field of medical advancements, and we place our clients’ wellbeing above everything else.

Whiplash Calgary
Calgary Core Physiotherapy
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Whiplash Calgary Whiplash Calgary Whiplash Calgary