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Calgary Core Physiotherapy’s Running Injury Program

Whether you run a couple of kilometers for fun or plan on running your 10th marathon, we love taking care of running injuries!  As runners ourselves, we understand the frustration of having an injury.  “What is causing my running pain?”, “Why is my running pain not getting better?”, and “When can I start running again?” are just some of the questions you may ask yourself when you have a running injury.  We have seen hundreds of runners with these questions.  We want to help you answer these questions and get you back doing what you love in our Running Injury Program.

An accurate diagnosis – the first step

As physiotherapists, we have the ability to provide you with a diagnosis.  We often see injured runners fail other forms of treatment because their injury was not accurately diagnosed.  In our Running Injury Program, we test all of your joints, muscles, ligaments, nerves, and other tissues to find out what is causing your pain.  If necessary, we will refer you for an x-ray, ultrasound, or MRI to confirm your diagnosis.  Using anatomy models, pictures, and diagrams, we will help you understand your diagnosis, as we believe knowledge of your injury is vital on your road to recovery.

Getting the whole picture

The majority of running injuries are repetitive in nature.  In the Running Injury Program, we work at figuring out the root causes of your injury.  Studies have shown that the highest risk factor of an injury is a previous injury; therefore, we will need to know your previous injury history throughout your body.

In the program, we will perform a gait analysis, in which we analyze how you are walking.  If possible, we also ask that you bring in a video of yourself running (views from the front, side, and back), so that we can examine your running technique.

We will further evaluate other joints, muscles, and movement patterns to get the whole picture.  We will determine if you are compensating for a lack of mobility in another part of your body, weakness in certain muscles, or incorrect movement patterns that are adding stress to your injured area.

Once we get the whole picture, we will help you understand what is happening and what you need to do to prevent further stress to the injured area.

Effective, goal-guided treatment

Are you looking to run a race next week with your injury?  Or are you looking to run for decades?  Your Calgary Core physiotherapist will review your goals with you and provide you with advice on whether your goal is achievable, sensible, and foresighted.  Your physiotherapy treatment will be tailored to meet these goals in mind, and get you back running safely.

Manual therapy, Class IV laser treatment, and effective exercises are just some of the forms of treatment that may be used for your injury recovery.  We use the most up-to-date, research-supported treatments available.  All of our physiotherapists are experienced, highly-trained, and motivated to see you get better.

A team approach

In our Running Injury Program, your injury may require your physiotherapist to refer you to other health and wellness professionals; we have a strong referral network throughout Calgary, or we are happy to work collaboratively with any of your existing practitioners.  We are often the “quarterbacks” for many of our clients, in which we collaborate and communicate with your doctors, personal trainers, massage therapists, or other professionals, all with the goal of getting your injury better and get you back running.

Depending on your injury, your treatment program may also incorporate our Regenerative Medicine Services (such as prolotherapy or platelet-rich plasma injections), in which your physiotherapist and Regenerative Medicine Practitioner will work together for optimal results.

Return to running

If you have taken time off from running, below is an example of a run/walk program that has worked effectively in having our patients return to running, pain-free.  Your physiotherapist will advise you on what type of run/walk program would be best for your injury.

Repeat each run/walk cycle 5 times.  Only progress to the next increase in running time if you have no pain during or after the previous run.  Note, you may also continue a run/walk method by increasing your run time until you are at a 10 (minute run) and 1 (minute walk) schedule, which is often used by running groups.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
Run 30sec

Walk 4min30 sec

Rest Run 1min

Walk 4min

Rest Run 1min30sec

Walk 3 min30 sec

Rest Rest
Run 2 min

Walk 3 min

Rest Run 2min30 sec

Walk 2min30sec

Rest Run 3min

Walk 2min

Rest Rest
Run 3min30sec

Walk 1min30sec

Rest Run 4min

Walk 1min

Rest Run 4min30sec

Walk 30sec

Rest Rest
Run 5min Rest Run 5min Rest Run 5min Rest Rest


How do I get started in attending your Calgary running injury Treatment Program?

Give our clinic a call at 403-455-4010 or text (by clicking the chat function in the bottom right corner) or email us and tell the clinic administrator that you were involved in a running injury and you are seeking treatment. The clinic administrator will then book an assessment appointment for you.