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Virtual Physiotherapy Consultation

Imagine – getting your injury better without driving, parking, waiting rooms, and within the safety and comfort of your own home or office. 

Get the results you need and want with Virtual Physiotherapy at Calgary Core Physiotherapy.

What does a Virtual Physiotherapy Consultation look like?

Whether it is a new assessment or a follow-up session, your session will be one on one with an experienced physiotherapist.  Your physiotherapist will first have a discussion with you on your pain, how it affects you, and what you aren’t able to do because of your pain and injury.

Your physiotherapist will then perform a movement assessment, in which you will move different joints, muscles, nerves, and functional movements.  If appropriate, a walking analysis will also be performed.

Using anatomy models, diagrams, and online tools, you will be educated on the diagnosis of your injury and/or the progress of your injury.

Your physiotherapist will then give you lots of tips and tricks to help you with your pain and injury.  You will be provided with a thorough exercise program that you can do right at your home or office.  Your physiotherapist will carefully evaluate your exercise performance and give you cues to be even more effective.

If appropriate, the physiotherapist may also do an ergonomic evaluation of your desk, kitchen, or anywhere else in your house or office that is aggravating your injury.

We also continue to have the ability to refer or collaborate with your family doctor, sports medicine doctor, or other specialists.

There are so many ways to help you with your pain and injury, and all within the comforts of your office or home!

What do I need for a Virtual Physiotherapy Consultation session?

All you need is a computer, iPad or smartphone (Android or iPhone) that can be propped up to get a full-size picture of yourself.  We will send you a link to connect over Zoom.  The session is best performed in a well-lit, quiet, and large enough room for you to move around in.

Is the physiotherapy session private and secure?

The physiotherapy session will be through video conferencing over a secure network, without recording, and in private (ie. no one else will be able to see or hear your session).

Is Virtual Physiotherapy Consultations covered by motor vehicle insurance or extended health benefits?

This service is covered by most insurance companies, but it is still recommended that you check with your insurance provider. 

How do I book a Virtual physiotherapy Consultation session?

For more information on Booking an Online One-On-One Physiotherapy session, please feel free to give our clinic a call at (403) 455-4010 or email us at or use our contact form.